How can I help?


You cam help the freedom and equality in Iran in various ways. Remember that information is the gateway to change, and that most people in Iran are constantly brainwashed by local media operated by the government. Many of them have no access to the independent news sources, and even those who do have an access, are often confused from the multitude of opinions and information.

Sharing this website, or other websites/magazines/books that shade light on the real situation in Iran, will help people to understand, and perhaps even motivate them to take action within their capacities.

However, you should act responsibly and try your best to share the information anonymously, as with every sharing you put yourself in the risk of imprisonment (should you live in, or return to, the Islamic Republic of Iran).


Supporting the rallies

Even though the leaders of Iran try to separate the country from the international politics, it is not entirely possible. There are many rallies organized to support Iranians, or people imprisoned in Iran (both locals and foreigners). If possible, try to join the rally to show your support. The more people participate the better the rally will resonate for those it is aimed at.

Bring flags, transparents, try to be creative. Let’s show that we care, that the lives of Iranians matter to us.


Praying can also help

If you are religious, and care for the people in Iran, or basically for the most fundamental human rights, such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, please pray for the people living in Iran.

You can organize group prayers, and if you belong to certain church/religious organization, don’t hesitate suggesting a prayer round for Iran freedom.

Thank you for trying to help the freedom of Iran!